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Heather M., 26 years old

“Ever since I was a kid, I was so afraid of trying out international cuisines. So when my friend brought me to Koba Tofu Grill, I never really knew what to expect. But when I was seated at the table and saw the grill and the people around me who seemed to enjoy what they were eating, all my fears vanished. That was great because I really enjoyed the food! Korean BBQ is great! I will definitely come back for more.”


Stacey F., 18 years old

“My family have been coming to Koba Tofu Grill since I was small. I really like their barbecue and all the little plates of side dishes. Everything tastes so delish!”


Mark B., 32 years old

“I am proud to say that I’ve nailed a lot of my business here at Koba Tofu Grill. Who says you need to bring your clients to expensive restaurants just to woo them? Here at Koba Tofu Grill, you get your clients to approve your business proposals by plying them with good food. The ritual of cooking your own food and getting clients to appreciate Korean food helped me a lot in growing my business. I will continue to have my business lunches and dinners here.”


Mary, 20 years old

“I have always liked trying out different food and different cuisines. Here at Koba Tofu Grill, I was mesmerized with the taste and presentation of Korean food. I will definitely come back here and bring some of my friends and family.”


Troy, 45 years old

“I am an All-American guy. I like big servings and big meats and all that. But Koba Tofu Grill has changed my outlook. All those thinly sliced meats are wonderful. I will eat here again and enjoy some Korean beer.”